Extractions, Grafting, and Emergency Services

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Extractions, grafting, and Emergency Services

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Tooth Extractions

Protecting your bone is our priority, so if you’re suffering from severe decay, have an infection, or might have had an impact that could break a bone and your tooth can’t be fixed with a crown or a dental filling, extraction might be the option that’s left, as the prolonging of a damaged tooth can cause pain, discomfort, overcrowding, and gum infection.

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Grafting and Implants

If you had a tooth removed, we will examine your gums and jaw, and depending on their condition, it’s possible that your bone won’t have the structure to support an implant. In this case, you will need a periodontal bone graft. Once the gums have healed, usually within a week or two, your eligibility for dental implants and other restorative treatments to restore your jaw to its original form is greatly increased.

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Gum Surgery

As an alternative for cases in which we are still able to save the tooth, Taylor Dentistry also offers Gum Surgery. To better understand your case, we will deep clean your gums and determine your condition. If you’re eligible for the procedure, the surgery will be done around the broken or decayed tooth, allowing us to save a tooth that could have ended up having to be removed.

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Other Services

At Taylor Dentistry, we also offer evaluation for your jaw, head, and neck pain, as we know it can be related to your bite, muscle soreness, or the grinding of your teeth.Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re feeling any of the symptoms above, so you will not stress  your body and worsen it in the long run!