Our Services

Aesthetic Dentistry

At Boyd Family Dentistry, we think everyone should love their smile. We listen to what you want your smile to look like and make a special plan just for you. We only start when you're happy with the plan. Our treatments include in-house Dental Implants, Crowns and Bridges, Ceramic Veneers, and more.


At Boyd Dentistry, we can handle any smile challenge! We've helped many people achieve their dream smiles, regardless of their issues, through full-mouth restoration. This treatment fixes smiles that are severely hurt, damaged, or decayed by using various dental methods. It's perfect for those with chipped, broken, cracked, or fractured teeth, cavities, missing teeth, infections, or dental injuries.


We have top of the line whitening products to help you achieve the bright white smile you've been looking for.

Gum Therapy

The more we learn about sleep disordered breathing, including obstructive sleep apnea, the more we as dental professionals realize how important it is to screen our patients.

General and Family

We are big fans of preventative dental care for the whole family. Regular cleanings, fillings, and even oral sleep appliances help us keep you healthy and happy.